ShortU - URL Shortner.

Create or convert your long URL into short URL.

ShortU is Free URL Shortner tool for students, Developers and for industries and it is one of the most and widely used tool.

  • Create short Links
  • Create QR codes
  • SCAN QR codes

Quick way to Create Short URLs.

User Friendly Dashboard

Simple user interface to use and maintain profile.

Create Short Url Quick in Click.

Convert your Long url link into Short Url.

Share Short Links.

You can share Shortlink Any whare on the internet.

24X7 Service Support

ShortU will supports 24X7 Service.

Create QR Codes.

We allows our users to create QR Codes for their links or product catelogues etc...

Scan QR Codes

ShortU will allows our user to Scan any type of QR Codes.

Our Services

Create Short Link

Convert Your Long link into very short link & share and check no of visits etc....

QR Code Generator

Create QR Codes For your link or products and share etc....

QR Code Scanner

Scan Your existing QR codes. or generate new QR Codes etc....